Quarry Marble Dust

Quarry Marble Dust

Produced with  mechanical treatmentand crushing of limestone in the quarry and then there is seperation with sieves. The grading is: 0 to 22mm.

It is used:
• It the production of building materials (kerbs, pavement plates, etc).
• In the production of coating and mortar according to ΕΝ 13139
• As well as industrial – pharmaceutical uses.

The product possesses a CE marking.

The necessary controls take place at the quarry's laboratory, according to the CE requirements, all on a monthly basis:
• granulometric analysis (EN 933-1) – Geometric attributes tests of aggregates. Determination of the granulometry diagram. Method with the sieves.
• Sand equivalent test (EN 933-8) – Geometric capacities tests of aggregates. Fine grained fraction evaluation (powder). Sand equivalent test.
• Methylene blue (EN 933-9) – Tests for the determination of the geometric attributes of aggregates. Quality evaluation of fine grained fraction. Methylene blue test.

Additionally, the above test takes place on six month and yearly basis on an external certified laboratory.
• Powder density with densimeter (ΕΝ 1097-7)
• Density and voids of loose aggregates (ΕΝ 1097-3)
• Density and moisture absorption of the aggregates (ΕΝ 1097-6)
• Flow coefficient of fine grade aggregates (ΕΝ 933-6)
• Magnesium sulphate test (ΕΝ 1367-2)
• Density on lightweight additives (ΕΝ 1744-1)
• Chemical attributes of aggregates: Density in humic components (ΕΝ 1744-1)
• Chemical attributes of aggregates: Determination of fulvic acid (ΕΝ 1744-1)
• Chemical analysis: Total sulphuric, soluble sulpuric in acids, soluble chlorides (ΕΝ 1744-1)

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Latomeia Tyrnavou S.A.
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The company Quarries Tyrnavou S.A. contractor holds a 5th class and undertakes the construction of public and private projects throughout Greece.

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Quarry's Crushed Sand, Crushed Filling Material (Ε4), Crushed Material For Road Making (3Α), Crushed Material, Quarry's Marble Dust, Marble Mosaic Stone, Gravel


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