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Machinery For The Production Of Quarry Materials

mixanimata paragwgis ulikwn tou latomeiou 2

1) Supplier: our specific trucks supply the preselector with our material.

2) Preselector: it cleans the initial material and produces 3A and E4.

3) Yellow Crusher: the first crushing of the transported materials takes place there and they are transported by the conveyor belt to the green crusher.

There is a Conveyor Belt from the first crusher to the yellow sieve.

4)Yellow Sieve: it produces the following materials

  • marble dust a
  • marble dust b
  • sand
  • clean material for the green crusher

5) Green Crusher: our material falls (stone) the proper crushing takes place and the material that supplies the blue sieve.

6) Blue Sieve: it sieves the materials and produces

  • marble dust a
  • marble dust b
  • sand

Automatic material loading storage area in transmission bags and automatic weighting

automato silo fortwsis 5 automato silo fortwsis 2 automato silo fortwsis  3

 Installation For The Production Of Marble Dust And Various Types Of Gravel

sugkrotima paragwgis marmaroskonis

The marble dust produced is from 0-2 mm and the gravel is of dimensions 2-4 mm, 4-6 mm, 6- 8 mm.
It comprises a supplier, the crusher, the sieve and a stored silo for the gravel 2-4μμ and the marble dust 0- 2μμ.

 Installation Of The New Complex For The Crushing Of Materials

eggatastasi sugrotimatos thrausis ulikwn 1 eggatastasi sugrotimatos thrausis ulikwn 2

It comprises a crusher, the preselector, the supplier, the conveyor belts and the central belt of crushed material.

On the upper part of the machine, there is a scale for the weighting of the materials (automatic scale).

Asphalt Installation

asfaltiko sugkrotima 3

It produces asphalt for the materialization of our technical projects. It comprises:

  • an asphalt tank,
  • the installation for the production of asphalt material
  • and the production of emulsions
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Latomeia Tyrnavou S.A.
Offices: Vlastis 5 and Lagou, Larissa
Quarry: 4th km Tirnavou - Elassonas

Construction Projects

The company Quarries Tyrnavou S.A. contractor holds a 5th class and undertakes the construction of public and private projects throughout Greece.

Quarry's Products

Quarry's Crushed Sand, Crushed Filling Material (Ε4), Crushed Material For Road Making (3Α), Crushed Material, Quarry's Marble Dust, Marble Mosaic Stone, Gravel


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